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Grieg Seafood

Grieg Seafood:
Customized Augmented Reality Solution

Engaging with different industries and supporting their leap into the digital world is always exciting. Though most of our work relates to real estate, the need for augmented reality (AR) technology is increasing exponentially across all industries.

Grieg Seafood is an international aquaculture company headquartered in Bergen, Norway, with fish farms in Norway, British Columbia, and Shetland. They are one of the world's leading salmon farmers, with values rooted in nature and sustainable operations. 

Grieg was scheduled to build a new hatchery with six tanks in BC. Typically, a Norway counterpart must oversee the assembly and certify the finished product. Unfortunately, this construction plan collided with the pandemic of 2020, restricting international travel. Due to Grieg's commitment to continuous innovation, rather than delay and sit tight, Grieg connected with LNG Studios with a challenge.

The Challenge

Create a solution where a Norway representative could be present during the construction without being physically present. Ensure that the solution is hands-free, environmentally friendly (paperless, and has a low carbon footprint), and provides clear and fast communication between BC and Norway.

The Solution

LNG Studios built an AR application developed for the Microsoft Hololens 2 headset. It provided easy access to the details of the assembly with interactive step-by-step instructions with high-res visuals, created a task checklist that reports to Norway, and a remotely monitored video feed for certification.

This instantaneous exchange of information allowed Grieg to complete construction and opened the doors to new digital opportunities to give them an edge in their industry. 

At LNG Studios, we know AR technology, which was an opportunity to show its potential in an unexpected industry. This kind of technology will continue to prove its worth, solving real-world problems of a changing world. We hope this case study encourages other companies to reach out and discover new digital solutions with us.

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